About the Lab

How we imagine affects how we understand the world, how we live, and what we see as possible in our collective futures, with consequences for sustainability, society, our relationships with technology, and our everyday lives.

At the Imaginaries Lab, a new (2017—) design research studio, we believe that humanity needs tools to enable new ways of understanding and imagining, and new ways to live, that provide more equitable socially and environmentally sustainable futures in an age of crises.

We use Research through Design and speculative design methods to create those tools, to address the social and environmental challenges that humanity—and the planet—face, through projects and collaborations around climate and energy transitions, health and wellbeing, design and creativity methods, and new interfaces with technology. Bridging research and practice, we have worked extensively with Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design and Tepper School of Business, including running studio classes and research projects with design students, and collaborate internationally with a variety of organisations including Philips, American Eagle, Demos Helsinki, and the UK’s National Lottery Community Fund. We’re proud to be part of the Untitled Community and the Plurality University Network.

We’re open to consultancy, collaborations, developing tailored workshops and programmes—please get in touch dan@imaginari.es

We’re hibernating for a bit, but we’ll be waking up again soon (autumn 2021) in a new base in Amsterdam.

Our blog chronicles the work we are doing, with opportunities to be involved—you can also subscribe to our occasional newsletter for news of our activities.

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Dan Lockton Dr Dan Lockton

2020 team

Sanika Sahasrabuddhe Sanika Sahasrabuddhe
Research assistant (Carnegie Mellon)
Tammar Zea-Wolfson Tammar Zea-Wolfson
Design researcher
Stefania La Vattiata Stefania La Vattiata
Research assistant (Carnegie Mellon)
Catherine Yochum Catherine Yochum
Research assistant (Carnegie Mellon)
Bella Bella


Past team members
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