IMAGINE: Contested futures of sustainability

An AI vision of "Future Norway"

How do you imagine how you might eat, dress, and move in the future—and where do your ideas come from?

Why are some of these ideas or visions (imaginaries) dominant in society, and others not?

Who has the power over imaginaries—the power to shape how we imagine the future, in an age of climate crisis?

IMAGINE: Contested Futures of SustainabilityIMAGINE is a 13.7m NOK (€1.37m) research project (2021–24) funded by the Research Council of Norway, led by Consumption Research Norway (SIFO) at Oslo Metropolitan University. Dan Lockton (Imaginaries Lab / TU Eindhoven) is a co-investigator, focused specifically on two design-related work packages.

Paralleling a Master’s course at Oslo Met, a range of student project briefs at TU Eindhoven will also be set relating to the IMAGINE project themes* of “How do we imagine eating, dressing, and moving sustainably in the future?”

An AI image of Future Norway

2021–22 TU Eindhoven projects and briefs

DCM170 Researching the Future Everyday (Master’s level)
DFP003 New Futures – Connectivity in the Home with Energy, Systems and Sound (Bachelor’s level)

2022–23 TU Eindhoven projects and briefs

DCM100 Constructive Design Research (Master’s level)
[more to follow]

Keep up to date with IMAGINE on Oslo Met’s project blog.

*Note: In the grant application I had intended that—building on my experience developing and leading successful Imaginaries Lab research-through-design electives at Carnegie Mellon University—I would lead a Master’s elective or a “squad” at TU Eindhoven focusing on the IMAGINE project and other imaginaries and futures-related topics in design—and use funding from the project to support students’ activities—but as this has unfortunately not been possible so far, I’ve taken a fallback position of fitting IMAGINE-related project briefs into courses led by other staff where I have the opportunity to contribute.