Materializing Mental Health: Gallery and more information

This page complements the book chapter:

Luria, M., Mills, U., Brown, J., Herzog, K., Rodriguez, L., Vitoorakaporn, S., LeFevre, J., Guilfoile, C., Kahle, N., Dong, K., Nip, J., Dev, A., Glass, K., Jin, Z., Kwon, S., Wolf, A. and Lockton, D. (forthcoming). Materialising Mental Health: Design Approaches for Creative Engagement with Intangible Experience. In: Lupton, D. and Leahy, D. (eds.), Creative Approaches to Health Education. London: Routledge.

The gallery and extra information will be added in due course. In the meantime, more details of the projects described can be found here:
Introduction | Resources | Emotional Modeling project | Empathy Rock Garden and Personalized Potions | Lexicon of Feelings