New Metaphors

New Metaphors is a creative toolkit for generating ideas and reframing problems.

Download the toolkit or learn more about how to use it

New Metaphors has been developed over the past few years by the Imaginaries Lab. It’s is a set of 150 cards (two different kinds) and a number of simple, fun workshop formats which enable idea generation and new ways of thinking about issues creatively, from specific problems within an interaction design team or organisational context, to much larger questions about our collective futures and our relationships with the planet, to personal reflection. Learn more about how people have used the cards, the background to using metaphors for generating ideas, and useful resources.

New Metaphors toolkit

Please email with questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions. After two initial print runs, one a set of prototypes, and one a crowdfunded edition, the printed cards are not currently available for sale (due to complications arising from Brexit and COVID travel restrictions), but our aim is to have this sorted out by summer 2021. Sign up to our newsletter to hear when they go on sale.

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