New Ways To Think: Course policies

We’ll probably work in three groups of 4 or 5 people. Grading: Project 60%; Documentation (blog posts / write-ups) 40%.
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We only have eight sessions together. Absences of any kind are strongly discouraged as your learning and work will be adversely affected by the information and activities you miss. Please be punctual, arriving just before the class start time, so we can begin the session promptly. As this is a practical class, with some work outside of the classroom, there will be sessions once the project is in progress where we’re not all in the same place, but please let me know where you’re planning to be. Two un-discussed absences may earn you a failing grade for the course.

Please schedule doctor’s appointments, interviews, etc. for times other than class sessions. In the event that you encounter a health or life issue that requires you to miss class (such as a physician providing you with instructions that necessitate your quarantine) please notify me as soon as possible to provide an idea of the severity of your illness/issue and the length of time needed for recovery so that I, and other university resources if needed, can support your successful learning and completion of work. Keep in mind, you are responsible for information you miss through absences or lateness. Please bring academic timing conflicts to my attention as soon as possible and don’t make travel plans before verifying the date of the event with me.