New Ways To Think: Schedule Fall 2018

This is a draft schedule—it will evolve, partly depending on the availability of guest speakers. Back to project overview

Week 1: Thursday August 30th

Week 2: Thursday September 6th

  • Look at some examples, from resources and others
  • 10am: Guest talk from Viviana Ferrer-Medina, Psy.D., CMU Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Get into groups, build studio walls

Week 3: Thursday September 13th

  • Mapping out own experiences
  • Try out some existing methods (New Metaphors, Mental Landscapes, etc)
  • Ideas for new methods

Week 4: Thursday September 20th [note 8.30 start]

  • 8.30am: Guest talk from Jill Simpson, University of York
  • Start scaling up methods into something usable externally
  • Research Through Design in more detail

Week 5: Thursday September 27th

  • Development / testing
  • [possible slot for guest talk]

[During Weeks 5/6: arrange meetings with Viviana Ferrer-Medina for comment / feedback / input]

Week 6: Thursday October 4th

  • Development / testing
  • Collecting data
  • [possible slot for guest talk]
  • Start to prepare blog posts / shareable content ready for Oct 10th (World Mental Health Day)

Week 7: Thursday October 11th

  • Collecting data
  • Start to prepare exhibition / demos

Week 8: Thursday October 18th

  • Exhibition / demos / presentations
  • Final write-ups (due October 22nd)