Unscheduled intermission

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Dan at Tangerine, LondonI know, I know a third of all blog posts indexed by Technorati are “apologies for the lack of posts recently,” and this is no exception.
I haven’t posted on the blog in the last week, mainly due to being very busy with work – I’ve unexpectedly been back at Tangerine in London (left) helping out with research into future product segmentation in the mobile phone market, alongside work for an important long-standing client, while also being in the midst of moving to a new flat and sorting out everything that goes with that. Oh, and the PhD starts sometime in the next few weeks.
But I’ve had some great e-mails, comments and suggestions from readers (for which many thanks), so I hope within the next few days to get back to blogging and replying.
Please bear with me.


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